Musings about software

Notes about books read in 2019

Here are some notes on books I read in 2019. They’re not book reviews, more notes on whatever I found interesting or problematic in them. I can recommend reading all of them; the books I didn’t get much out of I won’t list here.

Field Notes from CodeMesh 2019

I went to CodeMesh LDN 2019 the 7-8th of November. Here are my thoughts and notes on the conference and the talks i went to see.

From Nihilism to Riding Chaos

Where i look at my experience trying to help people learning Resiliency Engineering. A classification of steps along the journey.

Good and Successful

How can we define a "good" outcome? and a "successful" one ? Some musing from Resiliency Engineering.

Famous incidents reading list

A regularly updated list of incidents i learn from and material around learning from them

We should have caught it

Where i get passionate about expertise and despair of the state of our field. But hey, there are hope too. I hope @noahsussman is happy about the result.

Hello World !

Finally. After more than two years of talking about it, I have a place to put my rants on. I want to talk about the tech stack behind it and some choices i made. I ended up writing my own blog engine and learn a bit in the process.